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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 8, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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seek a med retirement so i can live longer. >> he went on to tell us he's on board with the reforms that have been suggested by bill bratton and others we asked if he thought criticism was justified. he says no. it's not it's difficult to lead and to be an oakland police officer. you'll hear more tonight at 6:00. we should have our full interview on our web site. >> this decision is around lokland city government. officials just spoke with the media. we just heard from the new acting chief of police. >> oakland mayor jean kwan
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expressed shock over the sudden resignation. i asked them both was the chief pushed out? and santana tried to put to rest rumors, take a look. may 1, he gave an interview speaking with me during a ride along. we discussed this with the department. where he watched and later came under fire against occupy pro testors when the decision was made to reyou move them from the plaza now in a discussion about the budget woes the chief made it clear he has no desire to quit the job held for two decade ootz chief made a decision at the
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time and we respect that. we receive that. we're prepared to move forward. >> that was chief administrator saying she wanted to put to rest rumors he was pushed out and said the chief chief is working on his retirement and thought it was best to express that and put to rest any rumors. now, anthony taribeo says there will be no interruption in the plans that the department put into policing and following forward with shot spotter and other programs to reduce crime. >> this is not the first time it's happened. the chief is the third oakland police chief to resign in less
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than a decade. he claimed kept him making reforms, he says he had quote limited control but full accountability in this department. that is similar to what wayne tucker said in february, 2009. tucker said he had lost faith in ability to fund this department and said only they did was give, quote, lip service to public safety funding. >> sky 7 shows us a manhunt. they're looking for a man with a gun. police answered the call this afternoon about a juvenile with a weapon. officers confronted the young man at the dmv saying they pointed a gun at him and one officer opened fire and the young man ran away. we have a map showing where police are searching that
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short dissfrans the dmv. >> in a recycling center workers found a human head in a pile of debris on 10th street. police say the head may have been mummified. investigators looking into whether other remains are in that area. >> a cleveland man is facing charges in a kidnapping of three women held for more than a decade. monday, one of them broke a screen door and yeld -- yelled out of the house. two women were welcomed home today. gina dejesus escorted into berry entered with the help of an fbi escort.
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>> we appreciate all we've done for us. please respect our privacy. >> i know my daughter was out there, alive. >> the third victim reunited with her mother today, she's hospitalized but in good condition. we've learned one of aerial castro's daughters was friends with gina dejesus nchl a 2004 interview she claims she was one of the last foam see gina. >> the rescue had a pro found impact on families here in the bay area with missing children. abc 7 news spoke to two spom family who's say this has given new hope. >> that is right. some families near the bay area told me they can't wait to hear the story of the women. they're rescue is hope daughters are out there, and
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listening. >> the family posted their daughter eileen on a window skb car. the yellow yoin is often replaced. they've waited 24 years. the story of the cheif women rescued earlier this week has given mike hope. >> my first reaction is that we have to wait about 10 years. determination, nofr give up, but hope. >> eileen disappeared on january 30th, 1989. she was last seen watching on amador valley boulevard. >> maybe she heard about it. and gave her the strength, trying to escape. >> sharon is michaela garecht's mom. she was nine. she says she'll never forget the frantic 911 call. >> all that went through my mind was those are the words i
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want to hear. i am michaela garecht. i'm free now. >> saying if those three were held 10 years and jaycee dugard for 18 she believes michaela can be still alive. >> they can keep them for a month, they can keep them for a decade two, decades. what is the difference? >> there is a blog dear she writes to her daughter in hopes she may see it one day. she included the cleveland kidnappings. >> i posted this video and said look the people on the streets cheefring for these girls this is what is waiting for you. you don't need to be afrid frayed. >> the families don't tell me reporter as approach them every time there is a story. and they say the best hope of finding them is by keeping the city in the neighborhood. >> state lawmakers are raising
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concerns about the safety of limousines in the wake of the deadly accident. they grilled executive director of the public utilities commission today nannette miranda joins use a budget committee also wanted assurances about limo services. this is as thousands of families are hiring limo services for prom night saturday's deadly limousine fire killed five nurses alarmed state lawmakers. limos carrying less than 10 passengers are regulated by the california public utilities commission under heavy scrutiny for lax oversight that led to the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. >> here is another accident, another tragedy that happened
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in california under the p.u.c. >> very concerning is the thousands of california teenagers headed to prom over several week autos what are you doing to assure those parents in california that the limos they're children are getting into are safe? >> the p.u.c. says the californians can look up each of the 9,000 limos. >> that is a number says they've verified number and. >> there are vehicle that's deal with changes to the vehicles? >> i don't know. >> the numerous audits concluded safety is not a priority at the cpuc rattled nora campos i'm not confident
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the public utilities commission has done the best they can. >> would you feel comfortable putting your kids in a limo. >> we want to be sure the public utilities commission are making sure limos are safe. >> the investigation is still pending jerry hill is ready with a measure requiring fire extinguishers in all limos. they're only required now in limo that's carry more than 10 passengers. nannette miranda, abc 7 news. >> new information on printing technology used to the make untraceable gun. he says objects are made of polymer. and they cannot be traced back to the creators. >> right now a terrorist they can down load instructions into a 3 d printer.
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make that gun, shoot someone, throw that away, and be gone and hot be held accountable. >> the senator says he's working on a background check requirement for those that make ones. -- guns. >> a price tag of between $5 and $10 million believing adding bridge supports will fix the problem caused by the bolts that are designed to keep the bridge safe. caltrans still hopes to open the span labor day weekend and engineers say the bridge will be safer than the current eastern span. >> subject of projects. 49ers may be going south by home stadium will be in san francisco.
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the team announced levis purchased naming rights this contract will cost $220.3 million to extend after that. the deal will help pay for the $1.2 billion stadium. the ceo says it's a move companies made to stay ahead of the curve. >> to justify the deal based on media impressions we'll get. i've got a belief the prices will go up over time because only thing anyone is watching live anymore these days is sports. >> new stadium will be levis stadium. >> now that is a lot of money. >> it is. >> my goodness. >> coming up, facebook responds to a web site. degraigd women in the
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military. it's a battle a local lawmaker is keeping pressure on. >> and firefighters forced to duck and cover from gunfire. the new hazard was their jobs. >> i'm sandhya patel, much warmer weather is on the way. i'll have the mother's day forecast coming up. >> and down side of those long eye lash extensions. michael finney takes a look at how this can be damaging to eyes.
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>> may take months for an oakland landmark to be reopened. the fire broke out on 18th street skpf took firefighters
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about 45 minutes to put out flames. this is at least a second fire at the bakery since 2006 when an electrical fire damaged part of a building. >> this place has been here since, i think the 60s. make longer than that. >> it appears it started inside of an office towards the rear of the bakery. investigators trying to figure out what caused it well, firefighters asking for more police pro techs after one station was hit by gunfire. the fire department tweeted pictures look at this, showing bullet holes in windows at station 18. firefighters heard shots and some of them had to duck and cover under a truck. others took cover under furniture. >> a big uproar over a facebook page den graded women
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in the marines forced the social media to take action. the page showed lewd captions and there has been no word yet on who created that page. jackie speier said it's an example of the military blin blind -- taking a blind eye. >> pope francis had a message for nuns today and told gathering nunz need to be spiritual mothers not old maids. also warned nuns and priests not to use their position for personal recognition. >> ladies eye lashes may look great but there are risks. >> what can happen when long
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lashes go wrong. >> women have been working for this since before the days of cleopatra. but latest trends, consumer reports says are risky.. >> in spotlight, super long lashes from pop star adele to nicky menage but consumer reports medical advisor says be careful how to get that long lash look. >> false eye lashes can international airport dirt, bacteria creating irritation and infection. they can be difficult to remove. >> up and coming singer vanessa wanted her eyes to pop. the eye lashes made her miserable. her eye lids ached and taking them offer was tough. >> i had to soak my eye then pull hard. i pulled some eye lashes out there. was irritation.
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>> looks like i have rips on my lids. >> she got what are called eye lash extensions. single fibers glued to your individual eye lash autos risks are not only an allergic reaction to the glue but erosion of the inner surface of the eye lids. that can cause permanent damage to your natural lash autos the internet promotes exotic enhancements, weaving tiny glass beads to a wire and adhering to eye lid autos it doesn't see an expert to see trouble coming with sharp roberts placed so close to the eye. >> just using mass scarea to give fuller, thicker lashes. >> consumer reports shop smart
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says you should replace mass scarea every few months. a tried and true choice is maybelliline great lash. have you to watch abc 7 news. very a web site going to make you some money. seriously. i'm not kidding. >> the best thing that ever happened to me. i've made over $9,000 on this site. >> $5 at a time. >> right. >> and it can give you some amazing services, $5 at a time that. is tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. if your kid needs a summer job watch this report. >> love that. >> yes. >> they do. >> so they will. >> yes. >> thank you. >> let's turn to weather forecast. gorgeous day out side. moderate. >> a cool wind coming off the ocean. we have some low clouds
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lingering over the bay. legality me show you right now you'll see clouds along the coast, still solid. sprinkles in a little bit closer, but sprinkles are diminishing here, things are quieting down. we do have changes but right now, you can see winds, from our camera you can see cloud cover there. mid-60s around san jose. half moon bay a cool spot 54 degrees and santa cruz checking in at 70. for a long time many of you wondering if the sun was going to show up. low clouds around for the day.
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napa 66 degrees. livermore, 67. and highlights, sunnier day tomorrow and a wampler pattern this weekend. so if have you mother's day plans it's looking terrific. moisture around the back side of an area low pressure shifting eastward. showers over mountains. sierra nevada. thunderstorms going into home. you'll see it there on our animation, moisture north and east of us. here in the bay area we're looking at low clouds clearing so we'll enjoy warmer weather tomorrow. and brider conditions expected. you can see temperature trend going up for the weekend.
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85 degrees by saturday. temperatures low 80s sunld, monday. here are the morning temperatures. upper 40s to mid-50s. spotty drizzle so it will be a cloudy start to morning you might need an extra layer. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies in san jose. 72 degrees. also gatos, morgan hill, mid-70s on the peninsula. half moon bay, 59. downtown san francisco, 62 degree day. 72 in santa rosa. inland it's 75 degree day so firefighters coming up with a warmer pattern setting up for the weekend.
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saturday, low 60s to upper 80s. so if you're taking mom out, picnics, barbecues weather looking fantastic. i'm sandhya patel. dan? cheryl? >> thank you very much. >> still ahead end is almost here for doyle drive and gridlock now face. >> and it's home repair season. stores off the beaten bath at
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last segment of the old segment of the bridge is about to come down. that dates back to 1936. workers taking that structure piece by piece. they're going to do work over the highway 1 connector.
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>> we're looking over live traffic ask have to close down the connector. there is a combination of concrete, steel truss to take down. difficult to pull down. >> yes. and it is slows traffic down. it means road closures presidio going to be closed and this will start at lake street. traffic rerouted then, to lombard street. >> there is not a lot of fanfare when a drug store opens but that is going to change. a ribbon cutting to celebrate the grand opening of walgreens flagship store in downtown san francisco. it will have an expanded beauty department the size of some department stores apparently and will sell freshly made food and have a juice bar. fancy, schmancy.
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>> still ahead have you caught warrior asks sharks fever? >> it's contagious.
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in the abc 7 newsroom at 6:00 turning a corner at tesla. how the car maker managed to record the first quarterly profit, ever. and the plan to tear down a dam. why everyone agrows it needs to be done but not going to be easy. plus... catching up with a renowned pianist who knows about satisfaction of making music with the rolling stones and making the world a better place. >> and have you caught warriors and sharks fever? >> we want to see your pride
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in teams made it to the playoffs. >> send your this is "world news." tonight, coming home. we are there as three impossibly brave women are making their way into the arms of their families. >> i want everybody to know that the three of them are doing great. >> and we have searing details of the nightmare they endured every day and night, and the miraculous moment they seized the chance for freedom. your health, your money. hospitals charging three and four times more than the hospital down the street -- for the same procedure. how can you get a fair price? and sister act. venus and serena, what you do not know about the williams' family, what they are doing that no one thought possible. and the sentence they repeat that gets them there.


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